Permanent hair removal

“Successful and permanent hair removal is an art form—and art demands the right concept, an optimal environment, the best materials and the necessary skill.”

As a trained and experienced specialist, you have all the qualifications. Everything else you need is available from the ARTEPIL 360° hairfree concept product line!

Perfectly hairfree skin is more than just a mega-trend. Smooth, beautiful skin is a lifestyle feeling, pure aesthetics and an ideal that both women and men strive to reach. The specialist is an artist who makes hair removal a pleasant experience. She knows how to perfectly showcase hairfree legs and muscles, makes clients feel comfortable in their bodies and builds their self-confidence.

Clients may refer to the process as hair removal, but what they really mean is self-assurance, total freedom and beauty.
ARTEPIL opens up a whole new dimension of permanent hair removal to you and your studio. Our range of methods, products and equipment for permanent hair removal from facial and body skin is just as individual and varied as your clients are. Each of your clients has their own personal expectations and requirements. Now you can offer them custom-tailored solutions.

The extraordinary 360° hairfree concept from ARTEPIL gives you entirely new options with boundless potential. We support you on your journey to success—by providing basic and advanced training to qualify you as a specialist for permanent and classic hair removal, by helping you implement your ideas and visions for your studio or even by enabling you to establish your own exclusive ARTEPIL studio. During this process, we support you with marketing activities specially tailored to your client base. In short, we do everything to help you successfully position yourself on the market.

“Make hair removal with ARTEPIL your own art form and share the success with us as your business partner!”

Jean-Pierre Rosselet

Cosmetic expert since 1979