WAX heaters and supplementary products

care products

The proper preparation of the skin for hair removal not only improves the results, it also prevents possible infection of the follicles and over-sensitivity to ingredients.

By post-treatment of the depilated zones with specific products, you remove any potential wax residue, reduce redness and help to soothe and nourish the skin.

skin protector spf 50+

Skin Protector SPF 50+

50 ml


Freshly epilated skin needs a strong protection against UV radiation! No matter which method was used to remove the hairs, hair removal always means stress for the skin. It is particularly sensitive to UV radiation and can react abnormally – with sunburn, irritation and redness or hyperpigmentation. What your skin needs now is a powerful and at the same time caring sun protection!



Post Epil Serum

60 ml and 150 ml


The lotion against ingrown hairs! Applied daily to treated skin after hair removal, the serum with salicylic acid gently exfoliates and prevents ingrown hairs and the resulting redness and blemishes/pimples during the hair growth period.

pre wax cleanser

Pre Wax Cleanser Aloe Vera

500 ml


This light and fresh lotion removes skin care product residue, cleanses the skin and thus optimally prepares it for subsequent hair removal. Aloe vera soothes the skin. Creates a pleasantly refreshing sensation. With a subtle scent.

Post wax lotion

Post Wax Lotion Urea

500 ml


Nourishing soothing lotion with urea and soy oil, removes wax residue from the skin, leaves it velvety soft and feeling fresh and well cared for. After hair removal, apply generously with the hands and massage into skin. With a pleasant scent.

post wax oil

Post Wax Oil Argan

500 ml


Natural vegetable oils cleanse the skin after hair removal. Argan oil nourishes, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Especially recommended for dry, rough skin. Apply a little oil with the hands and massage into skin. With a pleasant scent.

wax heaters

wax heater universal

Wax heater for cans and wax pans, available for 400 ml or 800 ml size cans. Case made of easy-care plastic, can base made of metal.

wax heater Mono

Easy-to-use handheld device to heat and apply the wax in the cartridges.

wax heater duo

This set contains two easy-to-use handheld devices to heat and apply the wax in the cartridges.

Accessories and consumables

Non-Woven Strips

Size 20 x 7 cm, 100 units


Premium-quality fleece strips for perfect wax

Non-Woven Roll

Width 7 cm, roll length 70 m


Premium-quality fleece roll, cut to the desired
size. For perfect wax removal.

Collar Rings

Cardboard, 100 units


Protective rings for the wax heater. Protects the wax heater against wax droplets.

Cotton Strips

Size 22 x 7,5 cm, 100 units


Soft and natural muslin fabric strips for wax and sugar paste.

Wax Pan

400 ml and 800 ml


Metal insert for the Universal Wax Warmer. For melting and warming wax in pearl form and classic warm wax.

Handel for Wax Cans

1 unit


For clean wiping during wax removal with the spatula. Prevents wax from dripping. For easy insertion and removal of the wax can.

Equipment Cleanser

500 ml


Wax remover for the wax warmer. Cleans surfaces also.

Metal spatula

14,5 (without handle) x 3,5 cm, straight


For even and precise application of wax. With plastic handle.

Nitrile Gloves

Sizes: S/XS, 100 units


Tear-resistant, powder free Nitrile gloves. Superior resistance to oil/chemical permeation. Prevents sweat from changing the consistency of Sugar Paste. No latex. Non-slip.

Wooden Body Spatula

15 x 1,7 cm, 200 units


Disposable wooden spatula. Practical and hygienic. For even application of wax on the body.

Wooden Face Spatula

11 x 0,9 cm, 50 units


Practical and hygienic disposable wooden spatula for precise application and distribution of wax on face and small areas of the body.

Wooden Spatula Mini

8,8 x 0,5 cm, 50 units


Disposable wooden spatula for precise application and distribution of wax on particularly small areas of face and body.